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Should I lightly boil or steam meat (eg, beef) before searing?

The common technique I know of is braising, or, basically, sear the meat (eg beef, pork, chicken), 2 minutes per side, then add liquid, cover, and put in oven at low heat for 1 – 2 hours. This works great for flavorful, tender meat. However, it does not develop a crust or ‘bark’ on the surface, I think because the 2nd part of covered heating in the oven causes the surface of the meat to get lots of liquid. And any sauce or dry seasoning I put on the surface of the meat falls off. This leads to the meat having a single texture of tender and moist.

Is there a technique of slow, covered cooking first, followed by searing or heating to get the desired crust or bark on the surface? My goal is to have the tender, moist texture on the inside, complemented by a drier, crunchier surface with lots of dry seasoning. …read more

How to separate fats from liquid and where do unsaturated fats go?

If you have some liquid from roasting, stew or soup etc and you want to separate the fat, I believe the normal methods is to get a spoon and remove it from the top or let it come to room temperature, solidify and then remove it.

If it solidifies and you remove it, isn’t it only the saturated fat you are removing while the unsaturated fats stay behind? How do you remove unsaturated fats also? …read more

How to preserve vitamin of fruit juice when making fruit jelly?

To create a jelly, I always use hot water to dissolve synthesized-flavored gelatin.

Today, I want to create a more exciting jelly. It uses real orange juice.
I put a no-flavor gelatin sheet into a cup of orange juice in room temperature.
It doesn’t dissolve.

Therefore, I put the cup into a microwave, pick it out, stir, … until it all dissolved.

The final jelly solution is very hot.
Although the final result is far more delicious than the synthesized-flavour one,
I believe most vitamin in the orange juice was destroyed.

Is it possible to preserve most vitamin (and other nutrient substance) of fruit juice while making real-fruit-juice jelly? How? …read more

Pectin 325 NH95 in USA?

Does anyone knows where to buy Pectin 325 NH95 in USA? Or what is the equivalent name in here? There are so many types. I know it have to be NH, but still.. …read more

how to quickly dry out home made marshmallows?

I just made home made marshmallows for a birthday party in 7 hrs. How do I dry them out quickly? I used Ina G. recipe, she suggests to sit overnight, but on line it says to sit 8 hrs to dry. I need to dry them sooner, can I put them in the fridge for how long? should I put them in a cold over? Help someone, please. …read more

Raw chicken taste?

I’ve made some chicken wings and there always seem to be a raw taste to the chicken especially on the skin part. The chicken wings look fully seasoned and definitely cooked thoroughly but doesn’t matter what I put on it there is always this raw taste, any ideas? I tried frying it, baking it, everything and all the spices, am I doing something wrong? …read more

Tramontina lid stuck to pot

Loved my tramontina 3 piece induction system from Costco until this happened. Was boiling some eggs as I do every morning and had done for 9 days in a row with this system. This morning I might have had the temperature a little higher but not much more. When the water came to a rolling boil I put 2 eggs in. When it was time to pull them out I shut off the cooktop and went to pull off the kid, but I couldn’t because it was stuck. I thought that maybe it all needed to cool down so I left it alone now 12 hours. However the lid is still stuck to the pot. I do not wish to force it. I have even held it upside down as pictured. …read more

Can I bake Nutella?

I’m wanting to use Nutella in my cookies. However, I’m not sure if it’s okay to bake Nutella under these conditions:

Undiluted – I wouldn’t mix the Nutella with any other ingredients
Not exposed – the Nutella would be baked inside the cookie, in a pocket in the dough
190° Celsius (375° Fahrenheit)
10 minutes in the oven
So, will this work out? If not, what would I need to change to make it okay to bake Nutella? …read more

What are the consequences of not rinsing hermetic lentils prior to use?

There are these hermetic boiled green lentils that I’ve been eating for a decade. They are great in salads, etc.

The text on these boxes is in Scandinavian languages. It basically says, among other things, that they are ready to eat, boiled green lentils, and that they should be rinsed with water before use.

That means one should drain the liquid they are immersed in and rinse with clean water.

For all these years, I never read the text on the box, and consequently never rinsed them. I just drained most of the liquid and used them as they were.

What would be the potential consequences of not rinsing them? …read more

Arby’s Roast Beef – what cut of meat?

What cut of meat does Arby’s use in their roast beef sandwiches?

Looking at the slices (see:, they don’t seem to have the muscle fibers I would expect to see in beef (e.g. I wonder if this is a result of the specific cut of the meat? Or the method of slicing (e.g. very thin against the grain?), or something else? This video might help identify the meat:

I’m hoping to do a copy of their roast beef at home. …read more