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Why is Hawaii pizza (with pineapple) criticized so much? [on hold]

Many people criticize pizza with pineapple(e.g. Gordon Ramsay).
This might be due to the fact that pizza is salty and the pineapple is sweet, but there are many other dishes that don’t receive such hate like Teriyaki sauce, salty caramel or honey-glazed duck, just to name a few. What is so special about this pizza that makes people bash it so much? …read more

Food truck with BBQ mounted external

For heat (in food truck), grill space, and flavor I would like to mount a charcoal fired grill on the front and a wood smoker on the rear.

This is US Washington State. I don’t like saying Washington State as I went to the University of Washington.

Does any one know of issues I would face?

I am wondering if I could even sell the setup (raw meat, bun, and fixings) and let the customer cook. I know when I was younger in WA a bar had this setup. I get it may not be worth the liability. …read more

Butter cake creaming method

I am living in Asia and it’s summer here for all year long.
I realised that my butter tends to melts very fast when I am doing creaming method. Will the melted butter affect the texture of my cake? …read more

Irish cream liquore

Is the protein powder used in Irish cream liquor made with seaweed and is the caramel coloring made with wheat? I have celiac disease and these answers are very important to me. …read more

Solubility of turmeric powder

I wonder if anyone mixes turmeric in milk, almond milk or water, and if you still have those insoluble bits interfering in the beverage.

What I’ve been doing is mixing milk, turmeric powder, honey and vanilla together, then filtering it through a very fine strainer (something you might use for straining curdled milk). However this process is tedious.

I was wondering if I’m one of the few that has this problem, and most people have access to a soluble kind of turmeric. …read more

Use non-inductive pans on induction cook top

I moved to new place with inductive cook top. But all the pans I have are the normal non-inductive pans (ceramic and stainless steel).

I tried using them with no luck. Cooktop shows error, keeps beeping and doesn’t start. If I try an induction pan, it works.

Is there any way to make them work? …read more

How do you stop tomato sauce from splattering?

In order to reduce tomato sauce to make a nice thick tasty topping for pasta, you often need to let it simmer with the lid off for a very long time. This always seems to result in tomato splatters all over my kitchen.

How can one prevent the splattering without preventing the evaporation of liquids that allows the sauce to thicken? Thanks! …read more

Herbs in Dressing – Fresh vs Dried [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

How much dried herb to use when substituting for fresh herbs?

4 answers

A ranch dressing recipe I found online calls for a few dried herbs and a couple of fresh herbs, specifically fresh chives and fresh Italian parsley.

To save time and money, I’d like to substitute if the fresh herbs for dried herbs. Is it OK to make the substitution if the dressing is allowed to rest overnight, hopefully giving the substitutes enough time to release its flavors? And if so, would it be a one to one substitution (e.g. 1 teaspoon fresh = 1 teaspoon dried)? …read more

Crumbling oatmeal chocolate cookies

I creamed the butter, carefully measured dry ingredients and added ingredients specified by recipe. Cookies came out crumbly. I baked a couple exactly as directed. The middle was not completely baked and they crumbled when taking off the pan and after they were cooled. …read more