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Can I mix anything into cheesecake batter?

When I say “anything” I mean things that might go well with cheesecake – ie, fresh fruit, chocolate chips, etc. In particular I’ve got cranberries in mind. All the fruit-related cheesecake recipes I’ve seen save the fruit for a topping.

Is mixing stuff into the batter itself before baking a bad idea? …read more

Can Apples be Macerated before Pressing into Cider?

A friend lent me an old-fashioned cider press to use. I am planning to put a few dozen chopped up apples into it and then see how much juice I get, but I’m worried there won’t be much. Would it help to sprinkle a little sugar onto the apples and let them sit for a while before pressing? I can’t find much information on cider-making online (I’m just making juice, I’m not going to ferment it). …read more

Making caramel on glass top stoves

Why can’t I make caramel or toffee on my glass topped stove? I have tried different pans, different thermometers, stirring, not stirring, different recipes, different temperatures. It turns out scorched, rock hard, or, in the case of toffee, it separates. I used to make good caramel on my old electric stove. …read more

Copper-lined stainless steel vs pure copper skillet

I want to invest in a copper skillet, the heating characteristics intrigue me.

When searching, I found a copper-lined stainless steel skillet, which has the bonus of being induction-compatible. I had no idea these existed. This wasn’t one of my original criteria, but I do have an induction cooktop, so it would be a nice added bonus.

My question is: Does the stainless steel affect the heat characteristics of the copper surface at all? Could I still expect the even heating of a copper skillet on a gas range even with the steel base? Or am I wasting my money on something that sort of behaves half-way between copper and iron/steel? …read more

Apple Pie Filling with peel? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

Apple pie: peel or not?

9 answers

Im trying to make an apple pie filling but I wanna leave the peel but I dont know if leaving the peel on will change the texture on the apples …. Need Help ASAP …read more

What brands of stand mixer are a good fit for a 3F cook? [on hold]

I am a 3F’s cook (Friends and Family for Free), considering a new countertop mixer. Our Kitchenaid died when we attempted a double recipe of bagel dough (yeah, we were asking for it with that combination). I’m looking for a decent 10 qt commercial grade mixer, and the Avantco keeps popping up. It’s about twice the price of the KA, but about 1/5th the price of a Hobart that it superficially resembles.

Does anyone have experience with the Avantco line? Is it a good fit for someone who can’t convince their wife to spring for a Hobart but definitely needs something more robust than a Kitchenaid? What about a Volrath?

I’m not interested in a flame war, but I am looking for honest comparisons for balancing cost, durability, and ease of use/maintenance for my own use. …read more

induction cooking with a homemaker 2000w cooker,

heated supafry a solid oil, sugar thermometer on temp 2 was 140 degrees c. 3 went to well over 200 degrees. when food added first cooked instantly then next slower till i put thermometer back in and it was down to 130 degrees. The unit has 9 heat settings and I don’t know how hot each one is. What do I need to know or do so I can use this with out burning or under heating? …read more

Does the dish lose flavor when it releases a lot of smell?

If we taste with our smelling sense, and in the process of cooking aroma is being released into the air – does that mean that the more smell you fill your kitchen with, the more flavor you lose?

Is the iconic experience of aroma filled kitchen actually counterproductive to cooking flavorful food? …read more

What are the downsides to “low and slow” when cooking meat?

In many cooking resources, “low and slow” is given as a solution to cooking juicy, tender meat (after it has been seared). Cooking slowly is also highly recommended when making stews and various other sauces.

My question is – what are the downsides? Is going too “low and slow” will make your meat soggy? Can you ever be “too slow”? …read more