Looking for links to authentic recipe repositories [on hold]

By IanDsouza I was wondering if the community would be able to provide links to websites / chefs who are well established in the cuisine they specialize in. I am primarily looking for authenticity in cuisine. So, the author of the recipes must have grown up or at least trained in the country where the cuisine hails from – he can of course deviate from traditionality but he must have gained experience cooking the cuisine in that country. I am looking for a website where the chef posts his recipes or a link to a video channel (like youtube channel) where the chef demonstrates recipes.

To do my part, I grew up in India and am most familiar with Indian cuisine. So here’s a few links to chefs I tend to follow for Indian cuisine.

I am looking to try new cuisines and would much appreciate the help of the community to look for authentic recipes from pretty much anywhere in the world. Thanks. …read more