Which fruits are better served chilled?

By Leftium I thought fruit would be more flavorful if served at room temperature. However, recently I had the opposite experience with a bunch of grapes. I’m wondering “why?”

I bought a bunch of unrefrigerated, room-temperature, grapes at the local market. I tried eating them right away, but was very disappointed by the texture and flavor: mushy, and not very sweet. I thought the grapes were from a bad batch, or had been out too long (in the sun?). Or maybe the grapes needed seeds to be flavorful (I think these grapes were bred to be missing the normally huge, bitter seeds).

Anyways, I put the grapes in the refrigerator. A few days later, I was surprised by the totally different texture and flavor when chilled. They had the more solid texture I had originally expected, as well as the sweet grape flavor. There was a tangy/tart flavor that had originally been missing when I ate them unchilled.

Can anyone explain my recent experience? Usually when I try the same fruit before refrigeration and afterwards, the unchilled fruit tastes much better, or at least the same (with peaches, for example). I think I’ve even eaten room-temperature grapes without a loss in flavor.

The exact type of grape I was eating were Kyoho grapes (“Geobong” grapes in Korean) …read more