Sugar/Citric Acid Coating giving Gummy Bears a Wet Look

By J. Robinson So I’m able to make my gummy bear recipe just fine. Its just a simple mix of the following:

1/2 Cup water
1/4 Corn Syrup
1 6oz package of Jell-O Brand gelatin
2 packages of gelatin (Out of the four pack boxes)

I’m assuming you know how to make this recipe into bears at this point as this question isn’t about the recipe more so the coating. However this recipe is from the ever so popular gummy bear video on YouTube found here

So the bears are made, chilled, came out great. No issues. Except they’re definitely not AS clear as the YouTube video, but again not really the point. Taste fine, and are firm.

So, I add a PURE sugar coating, let them sit out for a day, and harden up. They’re good to go. Its a solid dry sugar coating similar to sour patch kids, or those little orange or cherry slices you get at the gas station.

However I wanted to create some type of sour coating similar to sour patch kids. I tried buying this product here:

Its Ball Jar brand Citric Acid. I added this to a 1:3 ratio of citric acid to sugar, and then coated my gummy bears. After letting sit out for a day to dry up and harden, i come back to the gummy bears looking wet, sticky, and not easily handled.

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice to solve this problem. Its my first time posting here, so hopefully someone can help. 😛 …read more