How can I decorate jelly

By Chris H This is jelly as in Jello (either gelatine-based or vegetarian), not as in jam. I’d buy it in the right base colour/flavour.

I appear to have been volunteered to make Shopkins┬╣-themed food — at least a cake and as little more as I can get away with. One thing that looks quite simple is Wobbles.

This is essentially a green jelly (classic jelly mould shape) with eyes and a mouth. The eyes themselves could be made from icing quite easily, but how could they be attached? The mouth could do with being outlined in a darker shade of green: piped on? painted with food colouring?

So I’d like to stick icing onto jelly on a near-vertical surface (or find some other way of getting the white) and paint/pipe onto jelly.

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