Should I write Steak or Beef Tenderloin on the menu?

I am trying to write a simple menu. One of the dishes is “Pan seared sliced beef tenderloin”.

Is sliced beef tenderloin considered steak or would that cause confusion? My concern is if I write just “beef” it could be confused with beef stew or any other type of beef. There is only one beef dish on the menu. …read more

Homemade Dill for Charity

I really want to make my own dill to put in my spaghetti sauce for a charity luncheon I’m hosting.

Do you fellas/ladies have any tips? How should I get started? And the middle? What about the end? …read more

Tartar sauce question

Would capers work in place of the normal pickles usually used in tartar sauce? I’m mostly curious and it might help other people who might want to try this as well! I figure that it’ll add a tangy kind of aftertaste myself. …read more

Aluminium foil replacement for steam cooking

I use steamer every day to prepare my meals. I usually wrap the ingredients (mostly vegetables and chopped meat) with aluminum foil in order to keep them all in one place and to avoid melted fat trickling through holes. However I’ve heard that this is considered unhealthy as aluminum can enter the food and poison your body. Therefore I’ve two question to ask:

Should I actually be worried about this…? I believe that temperature used in steam cooking is not as high as inside ovens, so maybe I can simply continue to use foil as before?
If I in fact should stop using aluminum foil then what good replacement for it could be used inside a steamer? Some kind of a casserole dish, perhaps?
…read more

What veggies can be easily microwaved?

What veggies can be easily microwaved? (so that they taste as good as when they are cooked traditionally)


Do you have any reason to think that any vegetable don’t perform well when cooked in a microwave?

Yes, whole potatoes are great, while peeled ones end up dry and weird. So it’s easy to imagine that not all veggies will do well. …read more

When and where was the earliest known or probable consumption of kefir?

Kefir is widely said to have originated in the North Caucasus and in North Ossetia in particular. What is the evidence, whether hard or not so hard, for the earliest known consumption of this drink?

Some sources say that the Prophet Mohammed gave kefir grains to Orthodox people in the Caucasus and that they were known as “grains of the Prophet”. Where does this legend come from? How is Mohammed supposed to have come into contact with Orthodox Christians from or in the Caucasus? And given that fermented kefir is mildly alcoholic, how does the story relate to the ban in the Koran on alcohol consumption? …read more

One Cup in Grams

How much is a cup of milk in grams?

Of course I can search google and get it (240gr) but that sounds too much for making pancakes . I don’t have a measuring cup and I have to use 1+1/4 cup milk and I don’t know how! 240 sounds too much. …read more

Pretzel burger buns: how to make soft crust?

It seems like a water with baking soda that I dip buns into before putting them in the oven that makes the crust brown makes it also quite hard. Is there anything I should add or do to make a pretzel bun’s crust soft like this:

All the recipes I tried to follow on the internet came out with a very hard pretzel crust. …read more

Royal icing safety concern

Is it possible to acquire salmonella from consuming royal icing? Is it better to use a powder substitute? I am afraid to serve egg whites that have not been cooked in a recipe. What do you think? …read more

Dehydrating Strawberries – Wax Paper or Parchment?

I just tried dehydrating strawberries in our oven (it has a dehydrator setting), and used parchment paper to line the metal trays. The results were quite good, but the parchment absorbed a lot of juice and I’m wondering if wax paper would be better? Or would that just leave wax on the fruit? …read more