Flammable gas emitted by sausage

While cooking a kielbasa in a toaster oven today, I noticed that periodically there would be flashes near the heating element. At one point there was a very large, bright flash of light and pop as though a flammable gas was being detonated. Some of the ignitions I was able to see in detail. Next to the heating element a small round flame would illuminate and waver then go out. It was obvious that some lighter than air gas was rising up and upon reaching a high enough concentration, igniting.

What gas would the kielbasa be emitting? My first guess would be methane, but why would a cooked kielbasa be giving off methane? …read more

Roasting pork and traveling

I have a 4 lb pork loin to roast, approx 2 hours. I also need to travel 1 hour distance. The pork is the main entree. Dinner is set for 6 pm. What is the best method to cook the roast so that it remains moist? I cannot arrive much before 5:45 and we can eat a little later. Cook for 1 hr, travel for 1 hr and complete 1 hr cooking at destination? Any combo of these? …read more

Sauce with Jalapeno, garlic, cumin and lime?

I created this sauce/topping with chopped jalapenos, fresno chilies,minced garlic, cumin, olive oil and lime or lemon juice. I used it as a topping for steak or fish. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this type of sauce or something close to it at restaurants and wondered what the name of that type of sauce would be?

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Is chorizo enough to make a dish ‘Spanish style’?

If I have fried eggs and toast, it’s just fried eggs. But if I add chorizo on the side, suddenly it transforms into Spanish style fried eggs.

Is this a general rule? Does adding chorizo to something (or anything) make it ‘Spanish’?

How about foods that traditionally aren’t Spanish? I could imagine ‘Spanish style pizza’ being chorizo and ham. Or ‘Spanish style Caesar salad’ being a normal Caesar plus chorizo. …read more

What is the white goo in the middle of some hard-boiled egg yolks?

My wife made some deviled eggs today, but found a surprise inside some of them after they were cooked. Right in the middle of the yolks was a tiny bit of some white goo, very different in color and consistency of the surrounding yolk.

What is this stuff? Was it safe to eat? We ended up tossing those eggs out because we had no clue.

UPDATE: my wife had taken a picture
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Is neccessary to store christmas cookies in the fridge?

If I want to have a Christmas cookies e.g. in a different room than the fridge is, how long I can leave them at room temperature without worry that it will be spoiled?

This types of cookies mostly contain butter (not good for leaving outside of a fridge) but also alcohol and sugar (good for leaving outside of a fridge).

I have for example this types:

Shortcrust pastry (first picture)
Wasp nest (maybe known only in my country I am not sure, see the second picture)

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Will eggwhites clear my broth

I’m planning to do a lobster broth for New-Years.

Lobster shells, browned in oven
Shallots, parsley root, carrots and other suitable veg
Seasoning, tomato paste, I think I have a reasonable slurp of Cognac avaliable.
Boil for about 15 minutes.

When I strain this, it will be cloudy. I was thinking whisking in egg-whites and straining it again to make it clear. Is this possible? Will the procedure change the taste?

I have about 4 hours to make it on saturday. Any suggestions are welcome. I want it as consomm√©-like(clear) as possible. …read more

How to convert Peanut Butter chips to peanut butter

I’m making a Peanut Butter Blondie recipe, and I’m trying to make it healthier for a Health Class my son is in. The recipe calls for 2 cups of peanut butter chips and I want to use natural peanut butter instead. How would I convert 2 cups of chips to an amount of peanut butter.

Here is the recipe for those interested. http://www.squirrelbakes.com/2011/01/peanut-butter-blondies.html?showComment=1295643747439 …read more